With The First Tee Life Skills Experience, participants advance through four levels of achievement: PLAYer, Par, Birdie and Eagle. Each stage of the program introduces young people to different aspects of golf and life skills. Advancing from one level to the next is accomplished by demonstrating acquired life skills, learning the rules of golf, posting a required number of rounds on the golf course and having the recommendation of the instructor.

The lessons learned through the Life Skills Experience are lessons that remain with young people well into their future, regardless of how long they play golf.

Level one – PLAYer  ( All new members begin here)

Lesson 1: Respect & Courtesy
Lesson 2: Responsibility
Lesson 3: Honesty & Integrity
Lesson 4: Modeling Sportsmanship
Lesson 5: Confidence & Perseverance
Lesson 6: Judgment

Level Two – Par

Lesson 1: Welcome and Introduction
Lesson 2: Respecting the Rules
Lesson 3: Meeting And Greeting
Lesson 4: Having Fun While You Learn
Lesson 5: Staying Cool
Lesson 6: Finding Your Personal Par

Level Three – Birdie

Lesson 1: Dreams And Goals
Lesson 2: Positively Stating A Goal That Is Important To You
Lesson 3: Stating Goals Specifically
Lesson 4: Goals That Are Under Your Control
Lesson 5: Getting To Your Goal
Lesson 6: Dealing With Challenges

Level four – Eagle

Lesson 1: Stay Well for Life
Lesson 2: Building A GO-TO Team
Lesson 3: Appreciating Diversity
Lesson 4: Dealing With Conflicts
Lesson 5: Be a GO-TO Person
Lesson 6: Planning For The Future