Mackenzie Sinclair
Age: 9
Level: Par

Mackenzie Sinclair is a Par member and has been with The First Tee of Phoenix for three years and counting. She originally joined The First Tee because she wanted to get better at golfing and learn the right way to play golf.

“So far I have loved and enjoyed my time at The First Tee of Phoenix and the coaches are magnificent,” said Sinclair.

“She is a very dedicated player and goes the extra mile in her golf skills with non-class practice weekly,” said Coach Scott Johnson. “She is a great example of what a The First Tee of Phoenix participant should strive to be. She doesn’t just know our Nine Core Values, she lives by them.”

Mackenzie has felt the opportunities through The First Tee have really helped her understand the game of golf better. She passed along some great advice to anyone thinking about joining The First Tee of Phoenix.

“What I would say to anybody who wanted to join first tee is, I love the coaching I get and working on new things each week,” said Mackenzie. “I keep on coming back because I know that they will teach me more stuff about driving, chipping and putting.”

In her free time, Mackenzie loves to play soccer with her friends and doing arts and crafts.

Mackenzie had a hard time picking just one favorite memory at The First Tee.

“I’m not sure I can say only one thing,” said Sinclair.  “Two of my favorite memories are making a long chip off the green and qualifying to the next level.”