Age: 16
Level: ACE
School: Highland High School
Grade: 10th

Ethan Hacker is an ACE member and has been with The First Tee of Phoenix for eight years and counting. He originally joined The First Tee because he wanted to learn how to golf and the program seemed the best to learn it.

“My experience with The First Tee has been fantastic,” said Hacker. “Everyone is very friendly and helpful and they truly care about every member. My golf game has improved while at the same time learning even more important life lessons.”

The First Tee has gone far beyond golf in Ethan’s life. “When you’re taught how to incorporate honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy and judgement on and off course, it spells success,” said Hacker. “I’ve experienced personal success from using the nine core values in everyday life, as well as on the golf course.”

The First Tee has also helped Ethan feel tournament ready. “I have had the chance to participate in various tournaments and continue to work on getting more and more comfortable, which helps calm my nerves.”

Ethan had some great insight for younger The First Tee participants. “My one piece of advice to give younger kids is to stick with the program and always try to reach for the next step, so you are getting better while enjoying the game,” said Hacker. “I believe these nine core values will help them now and in the future.”

Ethan volunteers weekly with PLAYer, Par, Birdie & Eagle classes at Longbow Golf Club and sets a great example for everyone around him.

“Having outstanding participants like Ethan give back is what we’re all about at The First Tee,” said Site Coordinator at Longbow, Josh Schaffer. “Ethan is a joy to work with and the kids are very fortunate to be able to look up to him.”

Hacker is also involved with Spark Club and has been on the Highland Golf Team for the past two years. He is actively involved in the AVID curriculum at school, which will open up more opportunities as he prepares for college.

“My goals after The First Tee are to go to a four-year college, earn my degree in Business, while playing golf at the collegiate level,” said Hacker. “I would like to return to The First Tee and help more kids learn the game of golf as well as the nine core values and other life lessons.”